Twitter Ratio is an unofficial measure of how unpopular a particular tweet is. It is calculated simply by dividing the number of replies to the tweet by the number of favorites (or retweets). The logic being if its a crappy tweet, you would get fewer favorites and more replies. Thus higher the ratio, worse the tweet. In this post, I look at Trump’s twitter ratio since the day of his inauguration and his most unpopular tweets (as in tweets with highest twitter ratio).

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Divided States of America

America has gotten more and more politically polarized over the years. This polarization is reflected in several states voting consistently red or blue in the presidential elections year after year. This analysis investigates several red-blue stereotypes popular in the media and measures how well they align with the actual voting patterns.

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Last week, David Robinson published an excellent analysis of Trump’s tweets. Given below is a relatively straightforward extension of his work where I plot various emotions in Trump’s tweets over time. Each line is smoothed to remove noise. The y-axis is proportion of a given sentiment in all tweets sent per week. The sentiments were calculated using the NRC word-emotion lexicon. The tweets considered here are limited to ones sent from Android because David’s analysis showed that Trump most likely only tweets from his Android phone.

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